Dating israel and jordan 2016

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"Before 1967, the water was just a 10-minute walk from my house," said Musa Salim al-Athem, a farmer who grows tomatoes on the banks on the Jordan side.

"Now it takes an hour," he said, standing amid the resulting lunar landscape of spectacular salt sculptures, gaping sinkholes and craters.

The main obstacle in my mind could be financial." Officials in Jordan say they are determined to press ahead, with or without Israel, to cope with the needs of a rising population which has been swelled by about one million refugees fleeing the war in neighbouring Syria.They will not be intimidated," said Aviva Rosenschein, international campus director for CAMERA, which recently hosted students from over 80 universities to respond to the upsurge in campus anti-Semitism and anti-Israel activism.Israel and Jordan will pursue a common goal to stop the Dead Sea from shrinking, after a recent diplomatic spat stalled the ambitious project.“Our Israel activists are more emboldened and outspoken than ever.People understand they are on the right side of history and the truth.

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"Only the sea can fill up the sea." 'Invaluable treasure' After years of studies, the $1.1 billion Red Sea "Peace Conduit" deal was signed by Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian authorities in 2013.

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