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On top of this cairn were three short standing stones.In the same general area there is a group of nineteen cairns built on the ground.The outermost ring is made up of twelve stones worked to be curved.Archaeologists who have studied it consider it to have been a mill.

Walking in a circle animals would pull the mill wheel between the double circle of stones." The origin and meaning of the name is uncertain.Other possibilities include construction by slaves in colonial times, or by Native Americans such as the Pequot or Mohegan tribes.It has been suggested that the site could be one of the ceremonial stone landscapes described by USET, United South and Eastern Tribes, Inc., in their resolution on sacred ceremonial stone landscapes.Groton had its precarious beginnings when John Tinker followed Indian Trails from the Bay area and settled near the mouth of Nod Brook on the Nashua to set up his trading post to do business with the Nashaway Indians.The area was known as Petapawag, an Indian name for swampy land.

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Two concentric circles of large quarried stones - 21 large slabs laid end to end are at the center of the site.

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