Dating franchise in the us

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Dating franchise in the us

13, 1731, Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Whitmarsh entered into an agreement “for the carrying on of the Business of Printing in Charlestown in South Carolina.” While the agreement is not identical to the modern-day franchise system, many of the most important elements we recognize in franchising today were included.

The term of the agreement was for six years; Whitmarsh was required to manage the business himself.

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Upon his death in 1739, Franklin appointed his wife Elizabeth, and then in 1747, her son Peter.

Expanding its operations, in 1641 the company engaged the services of Captain Henry Hudson to explore the New World and to find a northeast passage in the New World.

In exchange for these land grants, the noblemen and church officials were required to protect the territory by establishing armies, and were free to set tolls and collect taxes, a portion of which was paid to the Crown.

The nobles divided the land among the local farmers who paid a royalty for the right to use the land either as a portion of the crops they grew or the animals they hunted.

The company grew through local offices independently managed by its employees.

Commercial franchising in the United States began in the Colonies, in Philadelphia, when on Sept.

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