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Winston noted that even compared with other small actions you can take to improve health, fewer studies have been conducted about meditation.

“For every 3000 to 4000 meditation related studies there are out there, you can find tens of thousands of studies showing things like the connection between exercise and improving heart disease,” she said.

If you’re a more experienced meditator and don’t need structured sequences of classes, Calm may be a better fit for you.

Along with guided sessions, it offers more individual exercises, like a breathing visualization, guided sleep stories, and more flexible timers and a larger selection of ambient music than Headspace.

An app that you carry with you everywhere can be one convenient way to do this.

Meditation apps advertise that their services are useful for everything from reducing stress and pain, to improving sleep, and even increasing your capacity for compassion.

This app offers more open-ended sessions that we think may appeal to experienced meditators who aren’t looking for that much guidance.

Both Brewer and Winston told me there is little evidence regarding the power of meditation app programs themselves.After using the free trials we paid to unlock all of the content on our top two picks.Finally, we used each app to meditate, doing a few different sessions in each over the course of a week.Calm’s design is less streamlined, however, and its sign-up process can be confusing.As with Headspace, you can do a free trial on Calm to see if you like it.

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However, you don’t need a dedicated app to reap the benefits of meditating; the essential tools—yourself and your breath—are already at your disposal.

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