Dating euroloves site

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Dating euroloves site

The only problem is that these measures cost money and in time of recession raising the necessary fund becomes a hard task.

This is when European solidarity is needed and when painful decisions on giving up parts of national sovereignty have to be taken.

Actually this is not the case; in a town where people are as busy as prime ministers going out for a drink is a big issue and needs to be arranged well in advance.

The reader can only try to imagine how difficult it is to find an available slot for a date between all these obligations.

And they are all looking for fun and eventually love. I always say that living in Brussels is like living in an airport. This can be nice as one meets new people almost every day but can also backfire on you.

As the turnover is incredibly high, it is in general difficult to build up durable relationships and love can be both a cheap thing and a rare beast.

This first part focuses on the mass of diverse extracurricular activities that everybody seems to have packed his or her life with.

Reform labor market to introduce more flexibility, inflate more competition in traditionally protected segments of the economy, modify the pension system are only a sample of the measures that could be implemented.As capital is the priority, German bonds are seen as the safest investment ever and investors prefers to buy them rather than risking on Greek or Italian ones.Having said that it is also true that the relaxed behavior of a number of southern governments vis à vis their structural problems and European convergence criteria has contributed to the present situation.Costa, who decided to embark in the toughest venture of all: sue the newly created State electric monopoly for a very high electricity bill, claiming that the State monopoly contravened the law of the strangest animal on earth, namely the European economic Community.And besides the private citizens’ initiatives, it is due to brave local and euro-judges that landmark cases: thanks to them the French liqueur could be exported in Germany- where it was banned before because considered not enough “alcoholic”-, as well as Grundig TVs shipped in France with no extra costs (while impossible before). Since then, an endless flow of goods as well as regulations, directives, communications, notices, judgments over flooded our dear old Europe, to make it a true common thing.

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I guess this is the question that many Germans are asking to themselves since the start of the public debt crisis that hit the Europe since 2010. Merkel found it more and more difficult to keep a good balance between what she can promise to her peers in Brussels and what she needs to tell her people back home.

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