Dating dragonball pan trunks z whitney port dating history

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Dating dragonball pan trunks z

Pan (パン) is the granddaughter of Goku and Chi-Chi, the daughter of Gohan and Videl, the niece of Goten, and the grandmother of Goku Jr. First, pan is the Spanish name for bread, continuing her father's food-based names.

Due to Gohan being 1/2 Saiyan and Videl being a pure human, she is 1/4 Saiyan and 3/4 human. Next, Pan is a Greek God in mythology, continuing her mother's more Reigious names.

Goku and Trunks have no choice but to let Pan come with them (as Pan hid the keys down her shirt which neither of them - not even the simple-minded Goku - dared to get).

After leaving Earth in the spaceship designed by Bulma a piece of the ship falls off and Goku, Trunks, and Pan are forced to crash land on the planet Imecka to get the parts needed to repair the ship.

Pan and the others escape but Trunks says they have to go back into town for more parts due to Pan's "reckless driving".

Once they reach the town everyone hides and Trunks finds the three of them on Imecka's most wanted list.

This is probably because she is the direct discendant of a Saiyan.

It is unknown who trained her, possibly Gohan or Goku.

As a little girl, she has a hairstyle that resembles Fasha's.

Pan jumps in the carrying car while Goku moves the ship onto the car and Pan drives the ship out of the palace with Goku and Trunks.

But while escaping, Don Kee's henchmen Gale and Sheela fire a ki blast at Goku who reflects it back with ease towards Ledgic, Don Kee's right hand man who recognizes them as Saiyans.

During the closing scenes, she and Goten have a little fight, with her winning, although this is likely because Goten didn't whom Pan is very close to.

She is first pictured in the series as a school-going girl who is asking her fellow classmate if he would like to go to a movie with her.

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She appears to have gotten stronger since she was very young, as she beat up a group of men at a hostage scene in the beginning of GT. She and Bulla are good friends and, along with Vegeta Jr.'s Mother's mother, are the only featured female partial Saiyans of the Dragon Ball universe.

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