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Dating culture in lithuania

As the city of Vilnius rapidly maturates, it’s hard to imagine a studio that could have been better suited to creating an evergreen space for MO: a museum with Before the new Amos Rex museum was built in Helsinki, they had rejected the Guggenheim proposal for an outpost in the city.

It’s important for us to introduce never-before-seen works of art created behind the Iron Curtain to an international audience and create links with different art scenes.

As a private museum, what freedoms did MO have to establish a truly representative institution that may have otherwise not been possible?

How did working with Studio Libeskind manifest the best possible outcome for what MO wished to express with the space?

Symbolically, the interior courtyard cuts through the entire building and features a dramatic staircase connecting a plaza at street level with an open terrace on the roof allowing the structure to flow between exterior and interior, the public and the private.

There is also a possibility to explore the open museum spaces 24/7, a new perspective in the centre of Vilnius.

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