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I’m confident that no other factors contributed to this as I tested the technique about 3 times with no other changes, and had an increase in ranking. Thanks for the very helpful article on Ezinearticles. I don’t have any personal experience to share yet however I am keen to give it a go. I have subscribed to your networked blogs and bookmarked it.

In fact, it is something that they actively encourage. Your comment about duplicate content and posting and waiting for the content to be indexed on your own site first is right on the money.Like Bev, I have had my articles knocked back a few times. Considering that real people review the articles, I’m surprised that the turnaround time is pretty good 3-5 days in my experience.Hi Tom I’ve definitely heard a lot about Ezine Articles (positive things), but don’t have any personal stories to share about submitting articles. David – I’d be interested to hear more about the halo effect you refer to regarding publishing on Ezine Articles.” the answer is easy, I would not have the high quality backlinks or the traffic.I would encourage other people to use ezine on a regular basis to help with traffic and rankings.

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I haven’t gone through this process myself (having paid fairly close attention to the detail in the editorial guidelines), but getting this sort of attention from someone who specialises in article writing could be quite beneficial in the long run.

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