Dating a girl with bad breath brandi ann milbradt dating

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Dating a girl with bad breath

) When kissing her is like kissing a washing machine…Bad kissing is the easiest of these annoying problems to fix because every couple, at first, must deal with the kissing-style issue.

While the relationship is new and there is a lot of spontaneous kissing, dealing with bad breath or bad kissing may be a necessity that you need to confront.

If you want to change your guy’s style, first feel him out to see if that kind of behavior would bother him.

Ask with a smile on your face, “Can I please be your go-to fashion consultant?

Will you brush your teeth so I can kiss you for real?

” If this happens again, use the exact same technique, and he will become more vigilant about keeping that mouth as fresh as a strawberry field in summer.

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” Deep down, each one of us wants to be the one who can sexually please our partner, so I believe you’ll find that most bad kissers are actually open to a little consultation! Bad breath is a noxious odor, and when we smell things that smell bad, our body has a physical reaction.

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