Dating a former patient

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If a patient decides to employ a different doctor then that new doctor can take over care of the patient whenever he or she chooses to do so (the new doc does not have to accept the patient).

If that new doctor is at a different facility (hospital or nursing home) and agrees to accept the transfer then the patient can compel… It is unethical for any kind of doctor to date their patient as their is a power differential between the two people.

Besides the ethical dilemma, there are issues with the quality of care…

The phrase "patient education" refers to a doctor informing a patient about their sickness, disease, medications, and more.

Here is the American Medical Association policy: "At a minimum, a physician's ethical duties include terminating the physician-patient relationship before initiating a dating, romantic, or sexual relationship with a patient." A doctor can indeed date a patient, with no legal bonds to stop him/her. For a psychiatrist to date a patient is not considered ethical.

Although at first may seem awkward, a doctor dating a (former) patient is completely normal, and happens all the time.

Because relationships morph with time, it's often difficult to define starting and stopping points. Strangely, determining when the professional physician/patient relationship is over can be similarly murky.

Does a coincidental meeting at a cocktail party where you engage in a personal conversation constitute the beginning of a relationship? Many such relationships simply atrophy with inattention. For many physicians, "once a patient/doctor relationship, always a patient/doctor relationship," says Dr. "I think that's what sits behind the 68% of 'No/Never' responses." As one podiatrist notes, "I have had patients return to my practice after 5 or 10 years, so they never stopped being patients really." Others insist there has to be some logical point of demarcation between current and former patients.

But it must be ended beyond all doubt, for a substantial period of time, before a romantic or sexual relationship can begin." Although the ethics of a relationship may be situational, a wrong decision could work against you if any court-related issues subsequently arise. If the relationship doesn't work out the way the patient wished, he or she could bring charges against the physician -- even if it was the patient who initiated the relationship -- and that can present big problems for the physician.

Yes but if the patient is a patient of that doctor, the doctor would HAVE to refuse.

Doctors, like everyone else, have a rite to a private life and can go out on dates.

Others insisted the difference between a current patient and a former one -- at least when it comes to romance -- depends on a formal letter terminating the professional relationship.

Still others noted that a shift in role is more important than the time frame in which that shift occurs.

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If you aren't his patient and you strongly feel he's interested in you ask him out for drinks.

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