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So he brought his intended talk and gave it as a prayer. Talks are addressed to an audience; prayers are addressed to the Lord.

I had an experience with this many years ago when I was a young law professor at The University of Chicago Law School.

I followed my mothers simple teaching about that commandment, and I was richly blessed for it.

As our children were growing up, we had another simple practice that brought many blessings.

I do not speak of worldly wisdom, for as the apostle Paul wrote, The wisdom of the world is foolishness with God (1 Corinthians ). Be wise and understand that the only way to happy resolution of disagreements in marriage is for each companion to be willing to meet the other 90% of the way. Others want to know details about the Celestial Kingdom, such as the position of a person who lives a good life but never ever marries. What I do know is that persons worrying about such things are probably neglecting to seek a firmer understanding and a better practice of the basic principles of the gospel that have been given to them with words of plainness by the scriptures and by the servants of the Lord If we neglect the words of plainness and look beyond the mark, we are starting down a path that often leads to a loss of commitment and sometimes to a loss of faith. Hinckley, Our Journey Together, an address at Brigham Young University, November 10, 1998.)I could wish for you nothing better than a good marriage, a happy marriage, a marriage fruitful in the sweet and satisfying things of life.A person who wanted to give a talk was invited to give a prayer instead.The scriptures teach us that we can learn that kind of wisdom by humbling [ourselves] and calling upon the Lord . We learn that kind of wisdom line upon line, precept upon precept, by harkening to the precepts of God and by lending an ear to His counsel (see 2 Nephi ). In a talk given eight years ago, President Hinckley urged a group of BYU students to have more excellence in their studies. It is the time of beginning for something that will go on for as long as you live. In the Book of Mormon the Prophet Jacob described a people who despised the words of plainness, . Also, remember not to accept an invitation to pray to the Lord and then twist that invitation into an opportunity to give a speech to the audience.He asked for a little more self-discipline, a little more consecrated effort. I have seen this many times, especially at funerals.

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