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My love for you will never change." "You actually think I'm a lesbian? The door opens and I am hit with the fading smell of cologne.

I mean, Carolyn's not so bad, I've seen better." "You just called my friend ugly! I'm just saying that I have seen a prettier shade of green in your cousin May's hair, that's all." He smiles. "Come in and I kill the next door neighbors kid." I say referring to the little boy who once threw a rock at my car, while I was driving, and dented it. If his dad wasn't a cop, we would be at his funeral today.

She was really good at her job, but she retired a couple years ago.

Someone who makes you smile wider." He tickles me and I laugh. " I sit the popcorn down on the coffee table and look him straight in the eyes. She taught my whole family how to defend themselves if the time ever came.

Just as I am about to drift off to sleep, I hear a knock at my door.

When I feel like I've screamed enough, I close my eyes.

She sighed as his fingers continued to tap away at the keyboard, but she knew he had an important job and was proud of his commitment.

:) A man and a woman were driving down the road arguing about his deplorable fidelity practices...

A pile of her pen and ink sketches lay scattered over her lap, she picked them up and put them down on the floor - unable to feed her creativity any longer.

What she needed was another way to entertain herself for the time being until Daddy took a break to eat or if she was lucky, watch a movie with her.

Guilty and creaming when I figured out that race play, Daddy/daughter, cuddling while getting stroked by Grandpa, and being told that I "am such a GOOD girl" as Daddy slowly saws his cock in and out of my mouth turns me on. as he uses me...makes me willing to do almost anything he wants...anything to cum...


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