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Cuban dating and marriage

Think about this: Cuba is an impoverished, communist nation.

Women in Cuba also do not have the same rights as women in the United States.

Many men find the “mocha” skin colors, dark hair, dark eyes, and slender bodies of Cuban women enticing. Because of the strained relations between the United States and Cuba it could be considered difficult for a man to actually seek out a Cuban woman for dating or perhaps marriage. However, with the click of a mouse, Cuban dating becomes possible.

On the Internet, there are several agencies which offer Cuban girls for marriage and dating. These websites do require a detailed profile: names, pictures, addresses, etc. Some would question the morality and legitimacy of a relationship obtained in this way, but is it really that bad?

Since the Revolution, following the establishment of The Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) by Fidel Castro in 1960, women were brought out of the home and into the economy.

Suddenly, women in Cuban Society found themselves guaranteed the same opportunities and human rights as men, and were subsequently encouraged to fully participate in the development of the country.

According to statistics, Cuban women now hold 35% of parliamentary seats in the Cuban National Assembly, 62% are educated at university level, 20% of the Cuban armed forces are women, and 61% of practicing attorneys are women.

It is important to note that the Cuban government has placed no restrictions on Americans traveling to the country.

However, Americans are forbidden by law from traveling to Cuba unless under very specific visas and licenses.

Firstly, the homes are nicer and the living conditions are much, much more favorable. You are taking a lost soul, and giving her a direction.

You are opening the door for her to opportunities she never would have had otherwise.

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This far surpassed the entitlements of women in other Latin American countries.

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