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The enterprise-grade storage capacity, enhanced security, and availability of Drive has convinced several directors to move all their business files to the service.

“Drive provides a single, easily accessible location for important files,” explains Gunawan.

These included selecting 400 employees for intensive training to act as leaders and advocates for the wider adoption of G Suite across the business.

“The simplicity of the system makes it easy to implement and for our employees to use,” Gunawan says.

The company’s strategy has encompassed organic growth, joint ventures, and acquisitions.

However, as Samudera Indonesia grew, email products and platforms proliferated across the business, with IT teams devoting ever-increasing amounts of time administering email systems and associated infrastructure.

Samudera Indonesia conducted a comprehensive review of cloud-based applications.

The organization quickly determined G Suite best met its needs.

This eliminates the need for employees to circulate multiple versions for input and approval, a time-consuming process susceptible to version control issues.“Our key reasons for going with G Suite included superior application features and functionality, close alignment with the culture and processes of our business, and cost,” explains Andri Wisnu Gunawan, Staff of Managing Director for IT Development at Samudera Indonesia.“The simplicity of the system makes it easy to implement and for our employees to use.• Increases employee collaboration to enhance work quality and decision making • Enhances productivity by extending access to email, document, and other productivity tools on mobile devices • Consolidates several unintegrated email and collaboration systems onto a single platform • Increases email storage without requiring any additional investment Samudera Indonesia is an integrated cargo transportation and logistics company established in 1964.The company started in the early 1950s as an international shipping agency.

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