Consolidating clinical services

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Consolidating clinical services

Many of my conversations with health IT leaders at HIMSS19 a couple weeks ago centered on how health systems can control costs while their hospitals get busier and busier.

Liam Lee Longo looks at dandelions at the end of recess at the MAB-Mackay Centre Tuesday, September 6, 2011 in Montreal.

“Our earlier announcement of expanded clinical-trial services involved broader capabilities in more geographies of the world, more dedicated control towers, and services such as re-icing cold-chain deliveries,” notes John Menna, VP of global strategy at UPS Healthcare Logistics.

“Now, this acquisition allows us to build on those services.” Wes Wheeler, president of Marken, notes that CTM management for his company encompasses some 45,000 investigator sites, hundreds of drug-development companies, and around 40 central labs around the world where, typically, biologic specimens are delivered.

“The central labs generally subdivide their shipments between standard delivery processes and specialty ones, and the latter are our sweet spot.

And as the industry moves toward cellular and gene-based therapies, which involve sterile solutions, temperature-controlled delivery, and the need for precise chain-of-custody practices, this business is only going to grow.” Wheeler will continue to lead the Marken business, which will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of UPS.

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