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After you’ve made the decision to consolidate your debt, Broadway recommends sitting down and looking at every dollar that came in or out over the past few months. “You should make sure the payment hurts just a little bit,” Bellfy says.“If you pick a debt consolidation plan that spreads your payments out over 15 years, you might only be paying a few hundred dollars a month, and your debt won’t be as noticeable.” That’s when people get a little too relaxed and start racking up debts again, he says.“Print out some pictures of that beach and plaster them all over your house as a reminder.” Broadway says.“So don’t beat yourself up too bad.” A couple thousand dollars of credit card debt might be the result of years of bad decision-making, and it might take a few years of good decision-making to dig yourself out. No matter what changes you make to your life, the most important thing is to stay vigilant about your new habits.Human beings are wired to seek out immediate joy, and it can be easy to lose focus on an abstract goal like paying off debt.“Figure out how much it’s going to cost, and commit to getting out of debt so you can start saving up for that vacation,” Bellfy says.What’s real: Paying off your debts, whether they’re credit cards or student loans, with a consolidation loan does not reduce or forgive them; rather, your debts roll into the loan and you make monthly payments against that balance.The idea of reducing or eliminating debt often gets promoted with a form of debt relief called debt settlement, which typically involves hiring a debt settlement company to ask your creditors to reduce the amount you owe.

Known as a debt consolidation loan, it can simplify your payments by rolling multiple bills into one, lowering your interest costs and helping you get out of debt faster.Before long, her car was repossessed, and her house went into foreclosure.That’s when she realized something needed to change.But when she left her budding career to start her own business, she suddenly found herself unable to pay the bills.“As an entrepreneur, you tell yourself, ‘It’s okay to let this payment slide — I’ll double up on payments next month.’ But that doesn’t always happen,” she says.

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If debt is affecting your finances, you may have a share of the $4 trillion in non-housing debt tallied in the first quarter of 2019 by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York.

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