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Christian science and dating

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The hybrid embryos will be destroyed after they develop a central nervous system and will not be brought to term. What if the human stem cells develop […] (The College Fix) — David Gelernter, a famed Yale University professor, has publicly renounced his belief in Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution, calling it a “beautiful idea” that has been effectively disproven.

Gelernter, who is known for predicting the World Wide Web and has developed many complex computing tools over the years, is today a […] TAMPA, Fla.

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But homosexuality leaves to the institution of the human family no legacy of improvement, tending toward a higher and more spiritual life.

At the time that the first draft of this essay was placed online in 2004, the Church of Christ, Scientist did not currently appear to treat homosexuality as a prominent concern.

However, by early 2010, the matter seems to be heating up.

The study […] HEBRON — Large fortifications dating to the time of the biblical king David have been found below an archaeological dig site already thought to be Gath, the hometown of the giant Philistine Goliath.

The walls, made of 3-6 foot stone blocks and large burnt bricks, were found at Tell es-Safi, a hill dig site not far […] (Bio Edge) — In a stunning example of evading ethical controversy by exporting it, Spanish and American researchers have created monkey-human chimeras in China.

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— During the recent Convention of The Lutheran Church — Missouri Synod (LCMS), delegates approved a resolution reaffirming the synod’s belief in a literal interpretation of the book of Genesis, including that God created the heavens and earth in six days.

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