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Christian learning disabled dating in tulsa

Don’t give in right away to a teacher who calls your child a slow learner.

Once a child is labeled “learning disabled,” it is almost impossible to get him off the slow track, even if he makes progress or the problem is corrected.

I had a wonderful tech too, that took great care of me.

“By all rights and with her difficulties, Angela should have had a disastrous school experience,” said Katherine. Because I’ve been active in her classroom, giving individual reading help to students and transporting kids on field trips, I’ve known how to help Angela at home.” Angela’s teacher is likely to say, “There’s a problem in this area, but you can work on this at home.” Trust has been built between Katherine and the teacher because of her participation in the classroom.

Cheri Fuller is an award-winning author, a popular conference speaker and a frequent guest on many national TV and radio programs.

Some children may have problems communicating, processing information or learning to read. Parents need to be especially involved with the school to address these needs.

The federal law states that learning disabled or handicapped children must receive education to meet their particular needs and that parents must be involved in planning the individualized program for their child.

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