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Exposed as a fraud to the study group and taught a lesson in cheating by Duncan.While he contemplated his next move, he crossed paths with the study group who took pity on him and allowed Jeff to rejoin them Jeff became the de facto leader of the group much to Britta's annoyance.His charming personality and persuasiveness are traits which served him well when he was an attorney.As a child he admired the divorce lawyer hired by his parents because he did his job without letting his personal feelings get in the way helped shape the more negative aspects of his personality.Jeff became the reluctant leader of the group and together they dealt with the unusual college life at Greendale.Jeff also had to contend with a few romantic troubles throughout the year.He enrolled at Greendale Community College to earn a legitimate degree.He hoped to exploit his friendship with a professor who worked there, Ian Duncan, in order to secure an easy graduation.

This involved forming a fake Spanish study group which backfired on him when she invited Abed and he in turn invited Annie Edison, Shirley Bennett, Pierce Hawthorne and Troy Barnes.For four years he went to Greendale with this goal in mind.During this time he became close friends with a study group he formed.His father divorced his mother when he was very young and later had another child named Willy Jr. As an adult, Jeff became a very successful defense attorney specializing in DUI/DWAI/DUID cases, traffic offenses, and juvenile crimes for over six years.He worked for a law firm called Hamish, Hamish & Hamlin that was founded by Ted.

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