Chat erotica per kinect

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Chat erotica per kinect

That mixing happens with James George’s RGBD Toolkit.

The software allows the user to make shots and compositions that were before impossible because it makes the camera’s physical position in space irrelevant.

Gomez-Arias’s video reveals this intersection of the corporeal and the digital, underlining the impact that computers have had on how we view our own bodies, especially in this most intimate of acts.

Looking through computer eyes back at ourselves, we see a pornography for the future.

The dots that make up the actors’ bodies are derived from an infrared camera, the Kinect, which was originally designed for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 system to allow players to interact with their games by jumping around their living rooms, no controller needed.

is undeniably sexy, just not in a normal sense of the word.We covered the exhibition in ANIMAL’s ANIMAL’s profile of the duo and the RGBD Toolkit, software that George developed to mix Kinect data with the visuals from a normal a four-minute and 30-second piece that includes a brief strip tease followed by a variety of sexual positions between a young man and woman, isn’t like any porn you’ve ever seen before.But Spanish artist Alejandro Gomez-Arias has used tools and tricks originally developed for video games to shoot an explicit, albeit pretty abstract, short film called that just might appeal as much to machines as it does to us.Gomez-Arias’s piece was on display at “RESOLVE,” a pop-up exhibition in Williamsburg organized by James George and Alexander Porter, artists who have pioneered the use of the Kinect, the Microsoft Xbox 360 camera equipment that Gomez-Arias also employed.

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How would a computer perceive an act so non-technological as humans having sex?