Catholic church interracial dating

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Research shows that there are well over 500,000 interracial marriages between black and whites today.Research also shows that about 3 in every 10 new black marriages are with someone outside of their race, with most of them being white. And when you take into account that the majority of our brothers are locked up in prison, dead, or gay; then you can easily see how our men choosing to marry our oppressor’s women instead of our own women, can completely blot out the black race.There is also an increasingly amount of black celebrities who are now dating white people over black people too.When you combine all of this interracial promotion, it’s no wonder as to why there is an up rise in us dating outside our race, because it’s the most popular thing promoted to us in the media.The media (film, tv, radio, magazines, blogs) is perhaps the most powerful tool there is when it comes to persuading people’s minds.The media dictates the culture of American society.

For instance, the standard of beauty for women in the mainstream media is European.And out of all of the interracial marriages today, it is discovered that black men marry outside of their race almost three times as much as black women do. But this is NOT a coincidence; this is America’s plan to white us out of existence. In case you have never heard of Blanqueamiento, it is the racial whitening of a dark population of people by mating with them to dissolve their race.The increasing numbers of interracial marriages among our people today is a clear sign that the black family in America is slowly dying out and on record to become extinct. The Europeans first used Blanqueamiento on us when they shipped our ancestors over to the West Indies (Caribbean’s), Central and South America.According to Atlanta Black Star, there are over 22 tv shows out right now that promote interracial relationships.I don’t have any statistics on the movies, but it seems as if every black movie that comes out today now has some form of interracial dating in it.

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