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If no gems are named all gems in GEM_HOME are cleaned.Display the contents of the installed gems The contents command lists the files in an installed gem.Z: invalid Gem:: Specification format ["1.3.1", 3, "flow", #3.2 Ruby Gems hangs while updating the source index. It doesn’t matter what I try to install with, it freezez.Particulary I tried to execute: $ gem install rails --include-dependencies but the command freezez at the following message: "Updating Gem source index for: Answer [I lost my internet connection while composing the answer to this question.Command line argument defaults and some Ruby Gems defaults can be set in a ~/.gemrc file for individual users and a gemrc in the SYSTEM CONFIGURATION DIRECTORY for all users.These files are YAML files with the following YAML keys: :sources: A YAML array of remote gem repositories to install gems from :verbose: Verbosity of the gem command. Make your own gem Gems with Extensions Name your gem Publishing your gem Security Practices SSL Certificate Update Patterns Specification Reference Command Reference Ruby Gems API Ruby API Ruby API V2.0 Run your own gem server Setting up multifactor authentication Using MFA in command line Using S3 as gem source Resources Contributing to Ruby Gems Frequently Asked Questions Plugins Credits Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures Releasing Ruby Gems The build command allows you to create a gem from a ruby gemspec.

The wrapper allows you to choose among alternate gem versions using when a gem dependencies file (rb, Gemfile or Isolate) is present.The Marshal version number comes from ruby’s Marshal:: MAJOR_VERSION and Marshal:: MINOR_VERSION constants. Provide help on the ‘gem’ command The install command installs local or remote gem into a gem repository.For gems with executables ruby installs a wrapper file into the executable directory by default.You may override these in lib/rubygems/defaults/operating_Download a gem and place it in the current directory The fetch command fetches gem files that can be stored for later use or unpacked to examine their contents.See the build command help for an example of unpacking a gem, modifying it, then repackaging it.

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The listing can be given as full file names, file names without the installed directory prefix or only the files that are requireable.

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