Brooklyn dating events

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Brooklyn dating events

A lot of you make more money than us and are willing to pick up the check, yet still my lady friends can’t seem to find even a simple winter’s bone.

But the sad truth is that we, the dudes of Brooklyn, the broliteriate, if you will, are apparently not helping the situation at all.

Not to be a Dennis Downer, but it probably sucks to be a single lady in New York City, especially of the attractive, driven, smart type, which, last I checked, is like 85 percent of yous.

You outnumber dudes, so you are forced to hit on whatever human mackerel you find swimming around at Lucky Dog or whathaveyou.

Even over at The New York Post’s Meet Market, which sets you up on a FREE DATE to somewhere fun like Brooklyn Boulders or a Nets game, the editor is constantly in search of men to fill out his weekly roster, while the women offer themselves up in happy abundance.

I have seen that inky stare of desperation across too many faces, even including one that was being dragged away by the cops in practically the same situation (LEAVE MY LIFE OUT OF THIS, LENA).Even Team Brokelyn, which is, if I do say so myself, lousy with talented, funny, knockouts, has trouble getting guys on board. This isn’t to say that women are desperate, or are bedding every bottom feeder they find on OKCupid.To paraphrase the wisdom of , this is gonna sound like I’m putting down my own gender, but the truth is, men can be kinda boring, self-involved perpetual adolescents, or creepy hangers on who try way too hard, or guys who just don’t know how to read a signal and stop texting, or, yikes, guys like me who just don’t know what they want and are suddenly faced with options for the first time (humblebrag? Most single girls I know are endlessly game, willing to be open and adventurous and give people a chance, and guys often just don’t show up.“Engage everyone in conversation, whether it’s a man or a woman. When people ask how your weekend was, let them know that you had a great weekend but say you are still looking to meet someone.Put yourself out there.” Janis Spindel of Janis Spindel Serious Matchmaking, Inc says she tells women to try what she calls the "Hello Challenge" every day.

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