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People need to be cautious as once the money is sent overseas, it is very difficult to claim and get back the money.There are certainly loop holes in all the strategies that these fraudsters adopt, which is why many scam cases have been reported.At, you can get detailed reports on various types of scam activities that have taken place all over the world.Different types of scams - more than 100 scams with research and examples There is a list of more than 100 types of scams that are listed on our website.Scammers play havoc with the emotions and beliefs of people and swindle their hard earned money by playing around with their tricks and tactics.

As they say "Prevention is better than cure", Ripandscam gives a list of prevention measures that can be adopted for various types of scams.These scammers often target large number of people for small amounts of money.That way they can make more money from various sources.Scammers fool the public and get them send out their own money for various reasons.There are a number of scam types that have come up over the years where these fraudsters have tried various techniques to fool the public.

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They either send out unsolicited emails, post messages, text messages about something interesting and exciting to start a conversation with the victim.

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