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Blind dating film review

“We weren’t trying to create crazy, Champagne-in-the-face reality-show moments, which are so outrageous and unbelievable,” Culvenor said.“Because I think that would just lose the credibility of the show, and potentially the trust of the audience.” The franchise might know a thing or two about that, too.— The worst-kept secret of Trump’s presidency— Is Silicon Valley suffocating the media?The show follows two people on a blind date, and then turns their date into a reality TV version of a cartoon in post-production.It’s now casting people in Atlanta only, and will film this summer.This was really just an honest snapshot of what that experience is like. This is not the canned, hyper-mediated drama of cocktail mixers and rose ceremonies; at every turn, the drama on feels real. Most dates unfold exactly how one would expect: early interactions are stilted, jokes don’t always land, and decisions over what to order are used like life vests for daters drowning in an awkwardly silent sea.The most charming episodes aren’t the highest-drama, but those that follow the sorts of stories that aren’t frequently highlighted on TV. All these things are very kind of almost like this kind of personal rhythm that everyone falls into.”The casting process took roughly four months, according to Culvenor; a New York-based casting group scoured the city for potential contestants.Their format is simple: each episode runs for about 25 minutes and follows an eligible bachelor/ette on five blind dates.In the end, the main dater shows up for a second encounter—with just one of their matches.

This is the focus of Amy Kohn’s documentary “A Courtship,” which follows the trials and tribulations of 33-year-old Kelly, who has relinquished agency over her love and sex life to her scrutinizing “spiritual parents” and the will of God.(Looking at you, Leonard.) In that regard, feels well in line with Netflix’s broader unscripted strategy: sunny, human stories that seek to capture rather than exploit their subjects.“What you’re seeing by seeing people go on the same multiple dates is how they tell their stories,” Culvenor said. “It was having discussions with people that might have the perfect friend or, ‘I’m not single, but oh my God, you’ve got to hear about the experiences of my friend Sarah,’” he said.Throughout, the focus remained on picking singles from very different walks of life to ensure a wide range of perspectives.“We wanted to avoid cast members who may just want fame or the exposure,” Culvenor said.“Instead, we wanted people who, this was sort of something that they naturally do, and we wanted to capture it.”“I think the other thing that we did when we were casting is, we’re very honest with the cast about the sort of show that we were wanting to make,” Culvenor added.“This wasn’t about spending two months living in a house together trying to find your soulmate to propose to.

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