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Nos utilisateurs sont des personnes normales, pas des prostituées ni des porno stars. Respectez les désirs et la confidentialité des autres membres.The program was originally titled The Big Gay Show but was renamed during production.As the name indicates, the show features comedy sketches with gay themes or a gay twist.

In the premiere episode, Mc Kinnon and Paone play Blair and Jo as we always wanted to see them and we get a taste of lesbian speed dating.Another that worked well was about Fitzwillian, a young upper class British boy who wants to be a girl and is in search of a vagina.Cast member Kate Mc Kinnon captures how children try to understand themselves and the world but make odd leaps of logic like thinking you can get a vagina for Christmas. This is a real problem for the show because of the power and pervasiveness of the Internet. Now, you can catch them on You Tube or some other video sharing site.Continue reading “I Do Not Think It Means What You Think It Means”…Film: DVD: Written by: Alec Holland, Bob Kirsh, Craig Chester, Eliot Laurence, Q.

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Some people may argue that gay and lesbian comedy is being segregated.