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Society has a moral responsibility to every human being in the world, to fix these injustices.The film begins with main character Solomon Northup, a free African American who lives in New York with his wife and two children.This shows the neglect of people; seeing something wrong is being done, however doing nothing about it.Even though Ford treats him decently, he is merely treated as "prized livestock." Tibeats later tries to whip Solomon for no reason, Solomon fights back which almost leads to his lynching. Ford saves his life, however realizes he must sell him to another plantation owner, to avoid any more trouble.

Later that night Epps rapes Patsey and also beats her.

He wakes up chained to the wall and tells the slave trader he is a free man.

The slave trader asks him for his papers, Solomon fails to show them.

It showed how in one day a free man, easily became a slave and someone's property; his life had completely turned upside down.

He is then told by Clemens, an educated slave, to maintain a low profile and pretend to be illiterate.

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