Bell expressvu guide not updating

Posted by / 12-Nov-2019 15:52

It’s not part of the ““: Now look at this picture carefully. Normally, in the Express Vu interface, the focus is indicated by a red colour.

(In the first picture above, for example, the focus is on the “” interface control, Express Vu has decided to use, not a button whose colour would change to red when the focus is on it, but… And the only indication that the focus is on it is that the shade of blue used for the text is slightly darker than the shade of blue used for text when the focus is not on it.

And even if the information in the guide were always correct, this default behaviour still makes various assumptions about the user’s preferences that are utterly annoying.

But when looking at my TV from the normal viewing distance, I honestly cannot tell when the focus is on the line of text. Fortunately, the “” line is something that, hopefully, you’ll only have to use once (to define your default preference)—although when I tried it myself yesterday it didn’t work properly the first time, and I had to do it a second time for the change to “take” as the new system default.

Still, this particular region of the screen is a region that you’ll have to go through regularly, i.e.

I am subscribed to Bell Express Vu’s weekly e-mail newsletter, so they have my e-mail address as well.

But they’ve never bothered to use it to send me information that would actually be useful, including information about upcoming software updates. One day, you turn your PVR on, and the interface has changed in many more or less subtle ways, and you’re just supposed to behave as if nothing had happened, as if the interface had always been like that.

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Well, each and every time, he’ll have to change the default “” option when creating a PVR timer for the show.