Baseball reference dating

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Baseball reference dating

The sites also add some things just for fun, such as Oddibe Mc Dowell’s page listing his utility bills from 2011 and part of 2012, in reference to a series of articles by Deadspin.Sports Reference’s goal is to become more comprehensive, even as sports leagues increasingly privatize their data.A pitching coach sent an email asking that his Italian league statistics be added to his page so that his players would stop teasing him about being a bad pitcher. player but that she could not find him on Pro-Football-Reference.A woman wrote in to say that she was dating a person who claimed to be a former N. She wanted to know if that was because of an oversight or a lie.“I tried to let her down as gently as possible,” said Mike Lynch, 37, whose official title with the company is managing stathead.And details of his career — four Most Valuable Player Awards, seven N. “I got it yesterday from a Sports Reference website.”The ubiquitous Sports Reference family of websites —,,,, and so on — are some of the most popular sports almanacs on the internet.They draw users of all kinds, from people casually searching for a trivia answer to owners of professional teams.

(Baseball-Reference, however, is the top draw in Forman’s stable.)The sites are not just for casual fans. John Henry, the principal owner of the Boston Red Sox and Liverpool F.The sites are painstakingly tweaked for updates and corrections.Some errors are reported through the dozens of emails the company receives daily.One came from the mother of Casey Fossum, a former major league pitcher.She wrote to say that her son’s birth date was wrong. Other requests reveal the reach of Sports Reference.

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“I said something like, ‘If he was cut in training camp, we wouldn’t necessarily have a record of him playing in a regular season game.’”Sports Reference started with Baseball-Reference in 2000, when Forman, looking to avoid work on his doctoral dissertation on applied mathematical and computational sciences at the University of Iowa, began building a website from the CD-ROM that accompanied the printed Total Baseball encyclopedias. Forman, who has contributed to The New York Times’s baseball coverage in the past, expanded his endeavor by creating Sports Reference in 2004.