Bad dating site photos

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Bad dating site photos

Happy Friday Everyone (Or whatever day it is for you!

) Just for Fun here’s the 10 worst online dating profile pics ever!

She may be “a work in progress” but at least she knows with whom she wants to spend every passing day (on Earth, presumably).

In case you don’t find men with braids particularly attractive, this creepy guy has found another way to draw attention to himself.

Some people are fans of Rammstein (it's a band), and others, well they're just fans of rams – period.

We guess this guy from a remote mountainous village somewhere in the Caucasus region doesn’t have much of a social life.

This poorly dressed Russian beauty takes the derogatory expression “white trash” to a completely new level.In today’s world, when every stranger can be a potential threat to society, which makes people more and more paranoid, he has the guts to advertise himself as public enemy number one.Not only is he closely monitored and/or followed by the NYPD, but also by the Department of Homeland Security, FBI, and even some foreign intelligence agencies!Yes, the expression is to be remembered – the sinister look in the eyes and the sly smile make a slight resemblance to a young Norman Bates from Hitchcock’s masterpiece And just to confirm one’s conviction that there must be something wrong with this person, he adds more creepiness to his Tinder presentation.In case you wonder how he is most likely to kill you, it won’t be the Norman Bates way. ” So, you should expect a In their endeavors to find love online, most people are likely to hide any information about themselves that can be compromising and lessen their chances of finding a partner.

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However, a pressing question comes up: Did he really put a bullet into his victim after he fished it out of the water, or is the gun just for show?