Avoid dating altogether

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When these parents are dead, their adult children will turn on others and self-destruct, not knowing how to cope with reality apart from their host. So, if you have a young adult son who won’t leave the nest, do everyone a favor and push him out as ‘unloving’ as you and he might think that is.

Of course, we all can relate to the temptation of wanting to avoid relationships when they are challenging, and for a time or season this may be appropriate for inner healing.

Be willing to commit yourself to the task of correcting and healing the things within yourself that relationships reveal, in order to expand who you are as a person.

When you make this investment in yourself, you are also making it in others, and ultimately the world is a better place because of it.

No, it hasn’t been easy; it’s been downright hard at times, but through the adversity I've become stronger.

No, I didn’t find the ‘knight in shining armor’ or the ‘white picket fence’ that I wanted to find, but I am now wiser and more grounded in reality than ever before.

Since relationships are an invaluable teacher, some have argued that remaining emotionally isolated and immature in a state of permanent adolescence will leave one without the ability to handle criticism, work in collaboration, and mentally process pressures in a way that is required for self-sufficiency and service to others.In this most recent wave, we have women who throw tampons and condoms at government buildings or show up angry and bare-breasted in order to protest for the right to kill their own children.As ridiculous as that sounds, it’s just example of what they’re doing, and it is why many women like myself want NOTHING to do with the feminist movement. We don’t believe that our own empowerment will be found and maintained by disempowering men or our own children.These articles resonated with so many readers that they garnered over 500 comments from men.People even took to Twitter, Facebook, and You Tube to share in the conversation.

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Stalemate: The Current State of Affairs in the War Of The Sexes Popular culture tells us that the cause of the war between the sexes is patriarchal and misogynistic men.