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Android has provided a feature to disable automatic app updates in Play Store which you can find on every Android-powered device. Well in order to disable specific apps from updating you will have to manually disable each app. Tap on the hamburger icon at the top left corner and select My apps & games. Now uncheck the Enable auto-update box to disable it from updating automatically. If you want to enable updates in the future then you can follow the similar steps and toggle the Updates switch to ON.

You can follow the method shown below to do the same. Read Also: 5 Best Android battery-saving apps If you are an i Phone user then you can easily stop i OS apps from automatically updating. Other than disabling apps from auto-update you can restrict them to update automatically only over Wi Fi. Under i Tunes & App Store, make sure Use Mobile Data is turned OFF.

Open the Google Play app then press the Menu button and then Settings.

In the General Settings you should see options similar to those below: That’s it!

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Since then, I didn’t do anything with it but install apps and games I often use.

You should rather prefer a Wi Fi network to update apps on your device.

However, on mobile devices, the automatic app update is turned on by default in order to keep your apps updated. Choose “Don’t auto-update apps” to disable the apps from updating automatically.

Therefore it’s better to keep the app updates notification on and disable the automatic updates of apps. With this, the auto-update is disabled for all apps on your Android device.

For example, the racing game I often play now shows some lagginess; I had to uninstall it and install the newest version to make it run smoothly again but that means losing everything I achieved before. I know it’s a good effort for Google to enable auto updates but sometimes things just won’t work out well.

So, can you tell me how to disable automatic updating on apps?

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I’m not really a techie person so I would just ask you to tell me how since there’s no one I trust on the internet than you guys.

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