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Autocad data link not updating

Here, you can define the parameters (color, text height, borders, etc.) in your new custom table style.

We're not going to delve very deep into this as it is something you can explore on your own. First look at the menu shown above in red (1) and allows you select a section of the table: Data, Header or Title - and begin formatting that area.

When you embed objects, any changes made to the source document are not reflected in destination documents because there is no link to the source document.

By default, the OLE object is displayed with a frame that is not plotted. The display of OLE objects can be controlled in one of two ways: When OLE objects with text are printed, the text size is approximated by the text size in the source application, Excel.OLE objects are opaque and they will plot as opaque. It is important to note that OLE objects in ACA drawings are not displayed or plotted in external references or block references.An embedded OLE object is simply a copy of information from another document—for example, a copy of an Excel spreadsheet in Auto CAD Architecture.This allows you to create your own table style - sorry, just had to state the obvious.Press the "New..." button and give your new style a name and press "Continue".

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If you want to see how your table looks, you can press OK in the Insert Table dialog box - just be sure that "Start from an empty table" is selected.