Authentic dating arts

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Authentic dating arts

The traditional form of Japanese dress, the kimono, had no pockets.

Women would tuck small personal items into their sleeves, but men suspended their tobacco pouches, pipes, purses, writing implements, and other items of daily use on a silk cord passed behind their obi (sash). The netsuke was attached to the other end of the cord preventing the cord from slipping through the obi.

I've been digging in my backyard, I say, and I found something that is going to rewrite the timeline of human history as we know it. Nobody has ever figured out what made him think the (highly stylized and thus unrealistic) depiction of the fish screamed "extinct" to him. Undaunted, Cabrera claimed to have found caves in the area with loads more engraved stones -- 100,000, even.

All in all, the claims of the farmer and Cabrera (who died in 2001) just don't pass the scientific evidence test.

So alas, the Ica stones, far more likely a product of an elaborate hoax (with a bit of pre-Columbian authenticity thrown in for good measure), will probably never be given a label of legitimacy by any scientific or academic authority.

Mask netsuke, were carved as miniature versions of the masks used in Noh and Kyogen plays.

There are also sashi or long, thin netsuke, that were thrust through the belt, with the sagemono suspended from the end that protrudes from the obi Katabori Netsuke kataborinetsuke or "sculpture netsuke" - this is the most common type of netsuke.

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