Assimilating and accommodating

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The results showed American’s viewed educated immigrants in high-status jobs favorably, whereas they view the following groups unfavorably: those who lack plans to work, those who entered without authorization, those who do not speak fluent English and those of Iraqi descent.As the number of international students entering the US has increased, so has the number of international students in US colleges and universities.The Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada concluded that this effort was violent enough to amount to cultural genocide.The schools actively worked to alienate children from their cultural roots.Assimilation assumes that a relatively-tenuous culture gets to be united to one unified culture.That process happens by contact and accommodation between each culture.

Full assimilation occurs when members of a society become indistinguishable from those of the dominant group.The researchers used an experiment to reach their goal which was to test nine theoretical relevant attributes of hypothetical immigrants. S citizens to decide between pairs of immigrants applying for admission to the United States, the U.S citizen would see an application with information for two immigrants including notes about their education status, country, origin, and other attributes.Marriage practices and spiritual ceremonies were banned, and spiritual leaders were imprisoned.Additionally, the Canadian government instituted an extensive residential school system to assimilate children.

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