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There were also Mickey and Minnie iron-on transfers, in characteristic poses inspired by their films, suitable for adorning pajamas, sweat shirts, quilts, and laundry bags, according to an advertisement welcoming “Walt Disney’s Famous Movie Stars” in the Summer 1933 issue of magazine. 91 was available from 1932 through 1939, resulting in thousands of treasured and now highly collectible Mickey and Minnie dolls.

With it comes a whole array of new entertainment, merchandise, and specialty food and beverages to commemorate the event.

(Photo: Stephen Shugerman/Getty Images).“They were both in bad marriages when I started doing the voice [of Goofy] back in 1987,” actor Bill Farmer told the newspaper.

“But over a couple of years, they just kind of became Mickey and Minnie.

Also printed across the bottom of the pattern envelope are the specifications that “This pattern sold for individual use only and not to be used for manufacturing purposes,” emphasizing the distinction of the pattern’s home-sewing, consumer-focused usage.

In addition to encouraging consumers to stitch their own dolls, Mc Call’s promoted Mickey and Minnie appliqués that could be used to decorate pillows, curtains, aprons, children’s bedspreads, and other home accessories.

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