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Aramatheydidnt sakurai sho horikita maki dating

The corner of the last part of the party is, other than Matsujun, the other 4 members shot a VTR video together, consisting of their pictures pieced together from their debut till date. ahaha Ohmiya prepare hot spring lodging vouchers and Sakuraiba selected vouchers of “10 times free eating of yakiniku”.

4 of them even specially added their own narration and music alongside the video.

Arashi not only became the most money-making idol group in a short time, their charm also mesmerised many in the entertainment industry. All Credit Video from the uploader^3^ and credit screencaps is Me^^ Dee4hero~~ Tags: ARASHI, Jhonny's, KAT-TUN, kim junsu, ninomiya kazunari, sakurai sho, tohoshinki, tvxq/dbsk/tohoshinki, xiah, 嵐 i'm really busy lately...can't update this blog~~ but, i keep update my Ameblo.. T__T and house there'll a big party~~~ maybe it'll be the most biggest party in this year in my house..

The party started from midnight 00AM, members of Arashi each brought their sincerely prepared presents.

Other members not only sent their carefully prepared presents, but also the shooting of this super “tear bomb” video had let the usual manly Matsujun touched to tears.

It can be assuredly said that this is the secret of the popularity of Arashi.

Although it falls on the 30th but due to the busy schedule of members it is difficult to gather together on that day thus they decided to bring forward the celebration. Check out her website and make dating instructions for girls to sign up for her Happiness Quick reads at Library ariana minjustin bieber hailey baldwin hot date.After watching the video matsujun can no longer hold on and said with strong emotions, “it’s happiness to be a member of Arashi”, while flowing with tears of tenderness. The friendship and teamwork between members of Arashi is one of their selling point, this time during Matsujun’s birthday it once again reflects the thick relationship ties between them.

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