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Anton yelchin dating

“As a member of the Star Trek family, he was beloved by so many and he will be missed by all. early Sunday morning, his car in neutral with the engine still running.We share our deepest condolences with his mother, father and family.”J. Abrams, who directed Yelchin in 2009’s Star Trek and its 2013 sequel, Star Trek Into Darkness, posted a handwritten memorial online. The randomness of such tragic circumstances makes Yelchin’s senseless death feel even more surreal.Twitter wasn’t the only tribute seen this morning, as fan site Trek Core also had their own tribute to Yelchin, courtesy of a recolored photo from his appearance in the reboot trilogy, where he played the role of Ensign Pavel Chekov: latest run of films, Anton Yelchin was admittedly nervous to try and live up to the precedent set by Walter Koenig in his initial run as the character.And any young actor jumping into a role as iconic as this one would have to be crazy not to feel that pressure.Yelchin, an award-winning actor and critical darling, had just starred in A24’s Green Room in April and was set to reprise his role of Chekov in Paramount’s Star Trek franchise next month. Missing you…”According to police, Yelchin was killed in his own driveway when he was pinned between his car and a brick mailbox pillar at his San Fernando Valley home.His passing sent a shockwave through Hollywood as filmmakers, co-stars, fans, and friends reeled from the news, including his Star Trek family and director Guillermo Del Toro, with whom he’d been working on the upcoming Netflix animated series Trollhunters.“All of us at Paramount join the world in mourning the untimely passing of Anton Yelchin,” the studio said in a statement. Friends had arrived to check on him after he’d missed a rehearsal, according to TMZ, and found Yelchin dead around 1 a.m.A 2009 Los Angeles Times profiler described the scene as paparazzi ignored him altogether as he sat in a gelato store on the eve of a two-franchise summer.

Though we still mourn him, we also remember him as the bright presence he always brought to his work.

In the wake of his devastating departure, fans and actors alike have mourned the passing of this talented actor who had so much life ahead of him, professionally and personally..

Along with that film’s debut came remembrances from co-stars such as Chris Pine, John Cho, and Kristin Stewart, as well as the revelation that Anton Yelchin was actually hiding his suffering from Cystic Fibrosis for almost a decade before his untimely death.

He was unconventionally handsome with a preternatural intensity in his eyes and curly hair framing his boyish features, a gifted performer in possession of an uncannily present aura, whether playing a young boy who befriends Anthony Hopkins (Hearts in Atlantis), a kidnapped teenager trusting in the wrong small-time thugs (Alpha Dog), a high school pharmacist (Charlie Bartlett), a lovelorn student in a long-distance relationship (Like Crazy), or a wide-eyed young officer aboard the USS Enterprise (Star Trek). rec­ord label, so we were thinking about starting an art gallery-cum-rock club, à la Warhol’s Factory.”Later, he’d explain that he started writing his own scripts around the age of 18.

At the age of 17, not yet grown into adulthood, Yelchin was profiled for Interview by the actress Diane Lane, who played his mother in 2005’s Fierce People. Applying to colleges like other kids his age, he at one point planned on attending USC for film but devoted himself full-time to acting as his career took off.

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