Anderson duchovny dating

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Anderson duchovny dating

Closeted shippers sometimes used the euphemism to "got to hell in a hand basket" to avoid fandom policing.In September 2010 the X-Files Universe message board was set up and became one of the most popular X-Files messages boards around whose most active thread with over 30462 hits as of 2017 was GA & DD: Did something happen between them in the past?

And with “The X-Files” reboot shoot just days away, both Duchovny and Anderson would have ample opportunity to spend time together on set. If somebody gets a picture of that, if it’s on stage and she comes up to sing with me, I’m going to kiss her hello,” he told TVLine.Actors Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny perform at The Cutting Room on May 12, 2015 in New York City.Rumors that the two "The X-Files" co-stars are dating quickly sprang up after photos of their on-stage kiss circulated on social media.As the shipper discussions moved from usenet groups to shipper friendly message boards, it became a policy that discussion about this topic was deemed unwanted, like for example on the Idealists Haven board.Until this day a user will be fandom policed on the Haven board of even dares to imply that Duchovny and Anderson could be more than friends.

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Shortly afterward, somebody set up a tumblr blog called HMS Gilligan that posted "humourously" crude manipulated pictures of Anderson and Morgan, sometimes purposely mistagged as #gillovny just for the sake of it, poking fun at some of the more extreme theories that had emerged to deny the apparent relationship and to counter the unpleasantness posted by more extreme Gillovny blogs who they called out as "snoggers", a derogatory terms used since the early days of The X-Files fandom which generalized everyone who posted Gillovny content as being a snogger.

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