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The star of the show is Emily Skeggs, who plays the lead character at college age. Agree that Emily Skeggs is the standout of the three Allisons.[quote]Ring of Keys was a boring song to pick. Best Score should have been awarded to Rodgers and Hammerstein... Do away with the pretense of being anything but a three hour commercial for Broadway musicals ( including numbers from non-nominated shows proved that it is a commercial).They get her coming out right on target, and her song about "changing her major to Joan" is hilarious and sweet. Of course, the best one they couldn't use (too risqué), but they should have done the title number or something. for ANYTHINGClearly no one is writing or can write the rich emotional kinds of scores that they wrote. Have hosts who will appeal to young people and might cause a ruckus, which will get the viewers ( Kanye and Kim Kardashian).That said, I liked the number from It Shoulda Been You and the letter read by DH Pierce was sweet. Am I the only one who really, really liked Peter Gallagher in OTTC?I saw John Cullum (yes, I'm old) and thought he was terribly miscast (the producers wanted Richard Burton).

Had no idea so many dykes voted in the Tony Awards.” [Okay, she was the teen critic for the Oakland Tribune, but now we know what attracts young female critics! “Because of my past [recording star with an international hit, songwriter], it’s been difficult getting roles. ] Orfeh came into the business as a pop/rock singer with a power voice. When I played Janis Joplin [Love, Janis], people in the business thought ‘That’s what she does.’ Casting people think I'm someone who’ll blaze you out of the room, not someone subtle and heartwarming. Turning the gig into endless schtick and chasing laughs doesn't work...needs to find the balance of humour and dignity for the occasion. (That is Sarcasm, folks, for the humorless lesbians on the site) What shit from Shoulda Been You, The Visit, Finding Neverland, Suggestions for next year's award show: Do away with the actual awards.Fun Home was fantastic, not only because it's true, but because it's inventive and touching. Of course, the best one they couldn't use (too risqué), but they should have done the title number or something. Instead, run a crawl of the winners, as the show features highlights from every musical ever written.

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Christian Borle [previously DD-nominated for Spamalot] co-stars as Emmett Richmond. ” Adds Karl, “That’s when they fell in love with her.” States Orfeh, “It was just a matter of convincing them I’m not this hard ass rock chick.” Without a lot of brainiac thinking, it was also “when it dawned on Jerry [Mitchell] that we’d make a great team,” reports Karl. “I never understood why she’d be crazy enough to want to be with me,” he states. I’d be happy if Orfeh was making millions and I could buy a Mercedes.” Orfeh, cracking up, blurts, “What! ” Karl admits that even though he loves to work, “and I’ve been lucky to keep working, I’m not one of those persons who says, ‘I’ve got to make the money.’ We support each other’s career.” [He's now pursuing musical theater composing.] Orfeh's one word name is not pretension. Mom was big fan of the film Black Orpheus [based on the Orpheus and Eurydice myth and set during Carnival in Rio].

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