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Distinguished University Professor of Egyptology Salima Ikram's Death and Burial in Ancient Egypt (AUC Press, 2015) appears among Book Riot’s 100 Must-Read Books About Ancient History.

It shows how death and burial and the afterlife were so important to the ancient Egyptians and digs into their beliefs, mummification and funeral procedures as well as the logic behind the construction and decoration of the tombs.

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Submitted by Sophie (United Kingdom), Mar 17, 2012 at I know that this post will fall on a lot of deaf ears for those planning to marry an egyptian.

When I first happily told him that I was pregnant he left me, his family made him return after a few months, he bullied me constantly, he sat there and laughed as he made me move heavy furniture so get out babies nursery ready, once he grabbed me round the throat when I told him that I didn't have the money to bring him to the UK for the birth, he slapped me on many many occasions - the whole 9 months was a nightmare.AUC and the National Management Institute recently signed an agreement to build the capacities of the institute's Career Guidance Unit staff.AUC’s Career Center already started training the Career Guidance Unit employees, capitalizing on its decades-long expertise in the field.Before I moved there he told me he had multiple businesses, a car, boats, flats - all of which he took me to.Once I moved there reality set in - he lived in a dirty village in a dirty flat above his father's home, the businesses were all lies, I was the one who was expected to make the money in order to feed us, I did this by teaching, the wage was very low but still I loved him, he told lies about the businesses that he had once showed me, he said he had once owned them but his father had stolen them off him ( all lies).

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At AUC's eighth annual benefit dinner at The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Ghada Wali, Egypt's minister of Social Solidarity gave a speech about the significance of AUC and strong higher education institutions in Egypt.

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