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It’s a testament to the future that maybe young people are more understanding of who they are and compassionate to that which we were once told to fear or feel shame.

It gives me hope which quite frankly, is why I watch womentainment. So I’m totally here for this and cannot wait for season 2.

When his father says, “if you’re going to live this lifestyle, you’ve got to be careful,” I was like yeah, BE CAREFUL.

The show is mainly based around Otis, a nerdy virgin similar to 500 previous movie nerds.Yes, I said a revenge porn moment, created by a jealous bff, one of the “plastics.” But it’s when Maeve says to the victim, “you can’t be shamed if you don’t feel ashamed” that really got to me. A love story amongst friends, frenemies, but mostly, it’s a love story about self acceptance, and I was totally down with it.So here’s this awkward TV show moment when everyone realizes who the revenge porn victim is and instead of her sitting in her own pool of “shame,” every girl stands up and claims the photos are of her. There’s a moment in one episode where a young couple are fighting because she wants the lights off when they “do it” and he wants to see her body.The course encourages students to reflect on their personal values when it comes to relationships; uses scenarios from diverse perspectives to provide a relevant and inclusive experience; challenges harmful and demeaning language and attitudes; and provides guidance for supporting a friend, family member, or colleague who may have experienced sexual violence.SAPAL is a two-part course with a 30-day waiting period between each part.

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But Adam cannot finish regularly and the angst it causes in his life gives way to the title….