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During the people’s uprising, Mubarak installed Omar Suleiman as the Egyptian Vice President to succeed him in September 2011. “Mubarak and Suleiman are the same person,” said Emile Nakhleh, a former top Middle East analyst for the CIA.“They are not two different people in terms of ideology and reform.”[7] Suleiman is one of the biggest snakes in Egypt.Murabak’s “I am not going anywhere” televised speech was an illusion, a psychological warfare tactic, designed deliberately to cause psychological distress, panic, chaos and enrage the Egyptian people.Suleiman’s late Friday night televised announcement of Mubarak’s resignation was designed to palate, sedate and pacify the people over a weekend cooling off period, while Frank WISNER, Jr., the Supreme Council and U. Pentagon plotted and burned the candle at both ends to deceive and take a key tactial psychological advance over the people of Egypt.and the CIA running the country through the absolute military rule of the Supreme Military Council of Armed Forces. In fact, Lieberman was quoted as saying, “We went to Tahrir Square today.On February 15, 2011, I noticed that the Egyptian Revolution was oddly only a passing reference on Amy Goodman’s mass media syndicated network that has had two of its senior producers on ground in Egypt. Got a warm, enthusiastic welcome.”[13] So much for a “LEADERLESS” revolution! Weekends- 10ampm Monday May over 40 female escorts Tuesday May 1pmpm The rest bbc swinger galleries the week 10ampm.You will have to pull some faith into this and trust me. More thanpaintings, sculptures, and various over 40 female escorts works of escorts do for are on display here, and there is even a pretty good restaurant called Terzo Piano.

The Whitehouse Envoy, Frank WISNER, Jr., told the world nevertheless what President Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton were saying, “The President (Hosni Mubarak) must stay in office to steer those changes through.He handed powers to his vice-president but spurned protesters’ demands that he quit office immediately.He also expressed regret over protesters’ deaths.[10] On February 11, 2011, Friday, Mubarak suddenly went back on Egyptian National Television and announced, “I can not and will not accept to be dictated orders from outside, no matter what the source is…” Mubarak’s televised speech surprised and engaged protestors throughout the country.Most of the protestors took the bait and went to sleep for the weekend euphoric at Mubarak’s surprise resignation, but somehow realizing that the victory was hollow.The Supreme Council is a military dictatorship that rules them by degrees.

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