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Adult chat tractor gary cullar

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The same applies to the road-shoulders opposite jark entrances and side roads, where—given a strip of inexpensive blacklopping—a driver could pull off the main roadway without first greatly slackening sliced, and then could wait for the highway to clear before crossing it. 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EKORD The building Itself will cost C ity council should honor about .0110 and will have a lounge w ith coffee bar Plans th* founder of T h e Dally Colonist In centennial y ear by Little Boy Drowns Near Shore Danger Ahead? net son will he killed ,0 you ** m ayor and also the . ronctu*uon bo*rt ^ 1I isim Z tilar e r « o10Z i^n w h * ‘ c iu ttrr ,h r tr m on' y " o »' h wi cnirn ________ lerd av w ays ol handling the problem , i tlstlc a t the hospital em ergency fields here In 1959 d u rin g a m eeting Tuesday, P °ri _ _ _ . , A third w ay of killing off M I D J l LY OUI„ d » „ „ r k . ’ • .12)2—Beachcom ber Show -C F A X 4 OO—Iter# Com e the C k m n a -C B U . CBU M O —Critic» a t L a rg e —CBU; O utdoor Living — F JV i 7 00 The Big Sound KOMO 9 0 0 H ta in e u B arom eter CBU. H o -S ta g e N ine—CJVL 10 IS T he G rand Sound KOMO. 1 M \ * t C a ts K M »A U * S $ P » A * CHRYSLER $ 1 * F »! M GOOD SELECTION TOP RAD IO COM BINATIONS O V« iu rta « best buya iti O m au to m ati« radio M CONDITION 3to. Isttua Uon im proves the * Cuba Calls In, Keeps Cash ¡of Embassies HAVANA i API - T w enty six nations protested lo F o r elgn M inister R aul Roa Mon ■m ed iately all Cuban currency 'h eir m issions deposited hurln* * currency exchange two W*r t u h ,*h dt P)om atlc sources reported ^ j.Can a r t ever recap tu re the A T DIGGON’S WWCMWJ st M. Doe« th e tern w eather and then loading three "H ear Hr. f REE ADVANCE CAR RESERVATIONS, though optional, era exclusive on (onodian Pacific femes. 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Half Ute Hi— tir ®ita# i»m* tra • i Mt Rpitftr ÜBPd Car* From r V •ita rwmr Ift» «fiyilme GR IB B ’OUljri. à t a m t V e k e”x e e owner** m û# EV 4 t OSt F o r the H u n ter or nww And ! h « , WAXTrn » rxw woorvc Aiii' 1 0 0 C A R S FOR S A L I Ql-ADRA AT PPMBIIOKE Et Mn! m em bers of the diplo --------- m atte corps wens required to i k a l a e l J /n. L.__ _ tu rn inre th eir old Cuban pesos w hen P rem ier C astro's govern m ent Issued new currency snd voided the old.» Ill Was* Her* today for a new bom* at X *« Y ork's B m n s goo and possible national fame. © Bach month you will receive a • ' statement of cheques written, pay­ ments to be made, and the amount of credit still open. Find out today all about Cheque Credit at your neareit Scotiabank branch. .* * * Kennedy Makes Berlin Pledge night* a week i "W e gave B * our .. L ¿ESS L U S A K A (R e u te rs l- 'Jb e ern m em troop* Jett h ere by a ir m eu m u n m oderate --------N o rth ern Rhodesia -Monday to stren g th en secu rity | m issioned in 1930 on eradu* ------------------ -frican .................... m ine th a t there h j o rein reintro- ^ s new c o n s t i t u t i o n b B ritish g m ern m em far t h i C om m ander ol tha B ritish Em • ' ^n '" •* aerved with a court suitftnona Aftturday.H ew fo determ ine your total Cheque-Credit if vou YOUR TOTAL CAN REPAY CREDIT IS .00 a month .00 a month .00 a month .00 a month .00 a month 0.00 0.00 000 000 0.00 W U 6 p £ K & u é t, -fa * ! W ASHINGTON t A P l »rive* h u rsd ay night o f f ' i P resident Kennedy pledged! H' ••Him HIl Hllllillllllll HIIIIHni HII* A fter th eir conference Ken nedy said Jo h n so n 's report ad C om m anding officer in Ed- « « « ■ u l t “am a w « ¿ ¡ T S m onion alnce Ju ly l. f a rc w ri, in A N ational C o n g r e s * ,‘o **’ the troubled L uapu U Hon from th e R oj M MUl u^ College 17 p arty w arned Monday It will be ‘^ J ^ i a , C ongress P a r t y ! g*_i.i » w.— ww Order In Slrtly, B a the B ritish protector- in H«. charging him w ith faying to apply for a trade* Keener before a dance he MO FORMAL RKtlt-RMT W hile no form al request ha* been^m ade by Ihc N orth Atlantie T re a ty O rganlzalton * ( perm anem council In Pari*, he said, all 15 m em ber court.

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