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" Following the ceremony, a dispute arose regarding the acceptance speech for Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series.

Sorkin conceived the political drama The West Wing in 1997 when he went unprepared to a lunch with producer John Wells and in a panic pitched to Wells a series centered on the senior staff of the White House, He told Wells about his visits to the White House while doing research for The American President, and they found themselves discussing public service and the passion of the people who serve.The story behind The West Wing episode is based on Cleveland's father, a Korean war veteran who spent the last years of his life on the street, as Cleveland explains in his Fresh essay titled "I Was the Dumb Looking Guy with the Wire-Rimmed Glasses".A back and forth took place between Sorkin and Cleveland in a public web forum at Mighty Big TV where Sorkin explained that he gives his writers "Story By" credit on a rotating basis "by way of a gratuity" and that he had thrown out Cleveland's script and started from scratch.Wells took the concept and pitched it to the NBC network, but was told to wait because the facts behind the Lewinsky scandal were breaking and there was concern that an audience would not be able to take a series about the White House seriously."Stockard had done an episode of the show as the First Lady ...She took me out to lunch and said she really liked doing the show and wanted to do more and started asking me questions like, 'Who do you think this character is? [As a writer] I can only answer, what do they want?

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