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This is only an offline version of the game, but you are still able to play with bots ~(characters made by you) and to have alot of fun!

Press "X" and "C" buttons while dragging an item in home editor to manipulate the altitudes of an item. Hold down one of the numbers 1-6 while clicking "for friends", "for all" or "for group" to load public zone scene instead!CTRL Left-Click on a spot on the floor to move your bot there.Right-Click (Holding) moves the camera and the view point.Sit, lie down, dance, posture, etc., also work through the Left Ctrl.If you use the Left Ctrl Left Shift key combination and click on a dance for example, then your character and all the bots (which you have as partners) do the selected action simultaneously (but you need to have already 3 maded characters and to add them and to make them do what you want).


Connect and feel a unique sensual experience in the virtual 3D world of gaming.