18 year old dating 30 year

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So if shit goes south with the interaction: it's on you.it's not abnormal for 20-something girls to be attracted to older men.

They support me being with her, probably because they think she is hot.

I mean they just are so attractive, full of life, and I'll even use this weird term, they look FERTILE. Now I never had these thoughts before but hell, maybe it's my biological time clock kicking in. In fact, it seems a lot of women ages 18-23 seem to check me out a lot. But as I hang out with these "young" people I also date young people. Got super depressed felt like shit, like I had absolutely nothing to offer. Spent about a year just focused on improving myself and my work (while extremely depressed). The second time I was in Japan, met a 24 year old korean girl and absolutely hit it off with her.

I mean I think women of all ages are attractive, and maybe I'm going through a phase, but I sure as hell ain't 23 anymore. I am rusty in the flirting department but sometimes I think it's no coincidence the longer I am celibate the more these super hot young girls notice me and I notice them. You have of course the (age / 2) 7 years formula, but age is just a number that doesn't always correlate to age. Went off to different directions but we still message each other.

As well, older men are better in bed - partially due to experience but mostly because they know that as their looks fade they can't just go into starfish mode after a night of drinking and expect a woman to be impressed simply from his body.

older men are better at fucking and if they're not then it's just sad. I think what you're really asking is, "What is the youngest acceptable age of a woman for you to sleep with?

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Maybe stay away from the younger ones, but I've slept with 19-20 year old women, but never intended for a relationship and made that clear. Tried the online dating thing and met a 26 year old.

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