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A claim for emergency care will never be denied based solely on VA not receiving notification prior to seeking care.It is, however, important to promptly notify VA after receiving emergency care at a community emergency department.An adjunct condition is one that, while not directly service-connected, is medically considered to be aggravating a service-connected condition. However, there are several requirements and factors that affect the extent to which VA can cover those services.

In accordance with the following situations and requirements, VA can pay emergency care costs for: NOTE: A service-connected condition is one that has been adjudicated by the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) and a disability rating has been granted. VA can also pay for emergency medical care at a community ED for a Veteran’s nonservice-connected condition.

Membership in the AARP Network of Age-Friendly States and Communities does not mean AARP is endorsing any of the following municipalities as a place to live.

Nor does it mean the community or state listed is currently "age-friendly." What membership does means is that the community's elected leadership has made the commitment to actively work toward making their town, city, county or state a great place to live for people of all ages.

Once notified, VA staff will assist the Veteran and/or his/her representatives in understanding eligibility and how eligibility relates to services rendered in the community.

VA staff will also ensure that, if desired, the Veteran is transferred to a VA medical center upon stabilization and that the Veteran is set up to receive additional care, post discharge, without interruption.

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If OHI does not fully cover the costs of treatment, VA can pay certain costs for which the Veteran is personally liable.

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