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You could see that he was really getting turned on; when the hostess arrived with our main course Roger was getting very hot a bothered.

But we didn’t want everybody around the table to know what we were doing, eventually the main course was over and the drinks were flowing I started work on Rogers cock again, he moved closer to the table and slightly unzipped his trousers and I really worked on his throbbing cock.

Whether it is your dream to be dominated by a BBW or sucked off by a just legal teen, stroked by a shemale or anything in between, these girls are ready to please. Listen to what one of our filthy girls had to say….“Summer’s here and I am hot..wet..not just from the pool.

I was also thinking about your cock getting hard in my mouth or even feeling it in my hand.

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One of the other guests I’m must have noticed what was going on when Roger suddenly gave out a yell and shot his load all over my toes, I so wanted him to suck them but had to discreetly go to the bathroom and tidy myself up.

Why not give me a call on our phone sex chat line to see if I can turn you on as much as I did for Roger.

You can arrange a two girl foot worship session, lie on the ground as a room full of beauties walk all over your naked body and face, or listen in as two cuties lick and suck each other's arches and toes.

I one had a boy friend that really like me to rub his cock with my feet, we were at a dinner party sitting opposite each other I was rubbing his cock with my feet.

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Having a foot fetish isn't so unusual, but even if you've shared your interests in feet with your girlfriend or wife, that doesn't mean she'll play along or understand.

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